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" Remembering those
   less fortunate than          ourselves "

Every year  people ask me how TDYCF was started, well in 1972 a group of Taxi drivers decided to start the above charity after one of their friends Joe Polsky passed away. This is also the only charity that support’s 5 other taxi charities.


Over the years we have seen the license cab trade alter, but one thing we have not changed is the tremendous work the license taxi charities do for those less fortunate than ourselves.

These are the 5 Licensed Taxi Charities we support

  • Albany Taxi Charity Fund for Children with special needs

  • East London Cabbies Outing

  • Southend Fund for Underprivileged Children

  • Taxi Charity for Military Veterans

  • The London Taxidrivers’ Fund for Underprivileged Children


Taxi Driver of the Year Charity Fund