Our sponsors, Dunlop where taken over by Good Year who decided to stop sponsoring. But we still wanted to raise money for these charities. So every year we still hold our annual dinner dance and now we have started to hold a golf competition. 


Allthough we cannot hold our trade show, which helped us to bring in more money, in our 45 years we have distributed in excess of £5,000,000 to Charities, Hospitals, Private Care Homes and five of the Taxi Charities listed below.


Once a year we do a bucket collection at Heathrow Airport and before the dinner we sell our raffle tickets. On the night of the dinner we have tombola, auction and our raffle. Our aim is to raise a substantial amount of money every year so we can donate to the 5 charities at our annual dinner dance.



This charity started the Taxi Driver of the Year Charity competition; this is where a licensed cabbie would have to do a written test about London. Then they were given places they had to visit to and find certain information about these places, (they had to arrive at these place as they would never know the answer and someone from our charity would also see them and tick them off their paper work) once they arrived back at our destination we would check how much was on their meter. There was a big obstacle course which they had to drive around without knocking anything over.


Once all the drivers had finished all the points would be added up and the one with the least amount of points became the winner. There was also a butter boy competition. Competitors from different companies within the taxi trade would also sponsor the highest place driver in their business.


Inside the big marquee companies would pay for the space to advertise and sell their goods, outside we would hold a fun fair, horse riding, dog show and stalls for all the 5 charities including TDYCF to help them raise more money for their own charities.


How it started

  • Albany Taxi Charity Fund for Children with special needs

  • East London Cabbies Outing

  • Southend Fund for Underprivileged Children

  • Taxi Charity for Military Veterans

  • The London Taxidrivers’ Fund for Underprivileged Children

About Us

"If you feel in anyway able to help we will be very grateful.


Thinking about those less fortunate than ourselves


Thank you"


Russell Poluck M.B.E